Saturday, August 20, 2016

Coming Attractions

It's back! Or at least it will be. Yesterday this announcement popped up on Facebook:

Yes, Symphony of Lights is back and it looks to be refreshed and rejuvenated after a one-year absence. So that's something to look forward to as we're suffering through end-of-summer August heat and humidity.

In the category of What May Come is this blog post from Harry Schwarz at HoCoMDcc, entitled:

Life at the new Hickory Ridge Village Center (circa 2024)

As you may know, the owners of the Hickory Ridge Village Center are working with the community on a redevelopment plan. As with anything that involves change in Columbia, there are plenty of opinions. I have only been following this in the most basic of ways, so I'm not offering any point of view whatsoever on Kimco's plans or the community's responses.

I love Harry's post simply because it is that rare example of someone imagining a Columbia future that isn't a doom and gloom story. What if things changed and they were great?

It could happen.












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