Sunday, August 14, 2016

Walking the Walk

Yesterday the Howard County Muslim Council, with support from the United Maryland Muslim Council, distributed bag lunches in Ellicott City to volunteers, residents, and construction workers. In their appeal to members on the group's Facebook page:

Please open your hearts and wallets and let's help to rebuild Ellicott City!


Last night in New York City a Muslim imam and his assistant were shot and killed near the mosque where they had recently been offering afternoon prayers. An attack which feels so targeted cannot help but cause distress for Muslims anywhere in our country. In the current political climate a candidate for president uses and encourages false and incendiary language against Muslims. His followers feed on the anger and negativity and magnify it.


We do not know yet all the details surrounding this crime. We certainly know enough to know it is heartbreaking and is causing American Muslims to feel less safe. And yes, they are American, like our our Muslim neighbors in Howard County out walking the blisteringly hot streets of Ellicott City to share a meal and words of encouragement.

Now what? Well, take a look at the Twitter hashtag #IllWalkWithYou . An explanation:

Following the murder of two men outside a mosque in Queens, New York Saturday, Americans are pledging to walk shoulder to shoulder with their Muslim neighbours.

Examples of tweets using this hashtag:

  • #IllWalkWithYou offers to accompany Muslim community to mosque after imam shooting
  • We don't need theoretical unity. We need solidarity in practice. Solidarity is an act of love. #IllWalkWithYou
  • Because I know what it's like when they come for me, and I won't let them come for you. #IllWalkWithYou

Yesterday Muslims in Howard County walked with us. Today it's our turn to walk with them.


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