Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Gratitude Wednesday

Last week's little list idea is growing on me. It might even get to be a regular thing. What's on my local appreciation list this week?

  • Ellicott City Main Street businesses the Judge's Bench and the Wine Bin are slated to re-open today and tomorrow, respectively. Now, that's progress.
  • There's going to be a Hops & Harvest Festival at the Lakefront in October.
  • Reporter Fatimah Waseem of The Howard County Times "who has been a one-woman flood bureau over the last 3 weeks. " (Tom Coale, Ellicott City Partnership)
  • A bit outside the Bubble, but extremely significant in re HCPSS achievement gap issues--take a look at this information from UMBC:


(Photo credit Candace Dodson Reed)

  • Last, but not least, a grateful shout-out to all of our Howard County teachers and staff who are working their tails off this week to get schools and classrooms ready for students, all while struggling with punitive budget reallocations. Thank you--we support your work and we care about your working conditions.
Have a great Wednesday. Feel free to chime in with the local things on your gratitude list this week.


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