Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Do you want to believe that you have The Power?  Do you want to shape opinion, mold the future, influence your part of the Free World?

You must act quickly.You only have a certain number of days to make your mark. 

Are you ready?  Good.  Now, vote .

In past years I was nothing more than a Low Education Voter.  I didn't know how it all worked. I thought that nominees were vetted, selected, and voted upon by some august body.  I didn't know that my participation mattered.  I didn't know that some candidates were actually out there, beating the bushes for votes. Badgering, wheedling, shamelessly whining for votes. I was naive. I felt powerless.

But now that I've joined the League of Extraordinary Mobsters, I'm ready.  I actually submitted a few nominees this year. And I'm going back, daily, to vote. Yes--daily!  If you love voting as much as I do, well, this is a dream come true.  

The Mobbies, though largely dominated by candidates from Baltimore, has a healthy core of nominees from Howard County.  We have a (dare I say?)  vibrant blogging community, thanks in large part to HocoBlogs,  Jessie Newburn, and the community-minded, collegial outreach of some of the longer-running blogs, such as Tales of Two Cities, and HowChow. 

And I think that we'd like to see the best of Howard County represented.  So, "Welcome to the fourth annual Mobbies competition, where we pit local blogs against each other to battle it out for major bragging rights." Your opinion matters.

Do you remember those elections for third grade class president, where the kid with the most friends always won?  Well, it's still kinda like that for the Mobbies.  The kid who motivates the most friends is going to win, whether he/she has the best blog or not.  

But, by adding your educated voice to the mix, you just might skew that vote towards quality.

Who knows?


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