Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Taking a Second Look At Gertler

David Gertler, running for a seat on the HoCo Board of Education, has been doing something a little different to get the word out about his candidacy. He has been hosting homework help sessions in math and science, and next week he has coordinated a STEM Career Night. While the conventional wisdom leans towards planting yard signs and waving at traffic, Mr.Gertler is breaking the mold by doing some talent-sharing. 

Why is this so important? Well, having spent a little time with him during the primaries, having followed his campaign since then, I have some insights to share.

When You See:                        The Deeper Message Is:

Technology                               I am excited to share knowledge.

Math and Science                     I like to work with students and parents and I am good                                                  at organizing people to work together.

Homework Help                       I don't have to complain, whine, or dish dirt to be a
                                                 viable candidate.

Career Night                              Our School Board should be listening, collaborating,
                                                  trying new things.

Mr. Gertler has done a great deal of observing and learning within the school system as a parent and a volunteer. He has developed a wide range of valuable skills in his professional life. Most of all, though, his thoughtfulness, tact, and respect for others are what make him such an outstanding potential board member. He could not be offering his services at a better time.


Tuesday, Oct 16th, 7pm at the GlenMar Church on New Cut Road - STEM Career Night.  Come out and talk to Howard County residents who live and work in the area.  They will talk about their careers in math, science, engineering and related disciplines.  The talk is aimed at students and parents to help our kids become more aware of the multitude of career choices in today's economy (and local geography).

Sunday, Oct 21st from 1pm - 2:30pm at the Elkridge Public Library and 3pm - 4pm at the Glenwood Public Library will be FREE homework help in math and science classes for Howard County students.  

More details are on the website, and he's requesting people register (especially for the Homework Help sessions, so they have enough parent volunteers) by sending an email to

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