Tuesday, April 23, 2013


The following is reprinted with permission from the Oakland Mills Village Grist Newsletter.

It Begins With A Conversation – March 2013
Sandy Cederbaum, Oakland Mills Village Manager

This past year we have had many important community conversations.  Some conversations start by one neighbor talking to another or by a resident attending a board meeting and giving remarks.  Other conversations are take place over a cup of coffee or in the produce aisle at Food Lion.  It is great to start the conversation and awesome to have that conversation spark action. 

Conversations that led to community discussions and ultimately became issues we are actively involved with include but are not limited to:  Blandair Park and the impact of park activities on the resident of Oakland Mills; traffic and pedestrian safety; CA aquatics initiatives; CA Open Space management, mowing and reforestation; community safety; environmental issues; Bridge Columbia and Columbia’s evolving downtown; community vibrancy, and cultural activities.  Our list is long and issues are varied. 

Conversations are healthy, we need more of them.  Our board, staff and volunteers are committed to making Oakland Mills the best village in Columbia.  We need everyone’s voice and participation.  Join us this year at our board meetings which are the 2nd of 4th Tuesday of each month.  You are welcome to join the conversation but also welcome just to observe.  Some of our greatest leaders started out by sitting in the “spectator section” and now joined in the conversation and lead the discussions.  Join us at whatever participation level you are comfortable with, we will always welcome you.


 "Oakland Mills -- we value connections."

Today Sandy celebrates ten years of service to Oakland Mills as our Village Manager. Please take some time today to give her a call, send an email, or stop by the Other Barn to say thanks.  We couldn't keep it all going without her. 



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