Tuesday, April 9, 2013

This Is It: What I Stand For


I support the implementation of the Downtown Plan. http://www.columbiamd.com/plan/faq/

I support the Inner Arbor Plan and Trust for the revitalization of Symphony Woods

I support the Bridge Columbia Project as a positive step contributing to the revitalization of Oakland Mills through an enhanced connection to Downtown, with significant improvements to walkability,bikeability and transit.

I support the work of the Oakland Mills Revitalization Task Force,
and the ongoing implementation of the Village Master Plan.


 I see our biggest challenges as:

       rethinking our infrastructure as we choose how to use our available funds: to make it sustainable for generations to come, as well as new and exciting for those who have yet to experience what Columbia has to offer.

      educating and involving younger and newer residents about Columbia,thus increasing a sense of ownership and civic involvement.

      (in reference to Oakland Mills) continuing the work to make our Village better all the time, a place that appeals to new families--welcoming, vibrant, safe, attractive.


As the Columbia Council Representative for Oakland Mills, I will:

1. Participate in Village Board meetings with candor and openness.

2. Share the results of these meetings with colleagues on the CA Board.

3. Work to create partnerships that will benefit Oakland Mills and Columbia.

4. Report the results of CA Board Meetings in a timely fashion.

5. Use already established channels of communication to keep Oakland Mills residents up to date.


If Oakland Mills wants to have a place at the table as Columbia's future is being planned, our representative must be willing to negotiate, form partnerships,examine new ideas, and make compromises.  This is my goal as Columbia Council Representative--to participate fully in the process with an open mind,and to represent all of the residents of Oakland Mills: children, teens, young adults, young professionals, parents and grandparents. Our differing views and needs should be a part of the ongoing conversations about both our day-to-day lives and our plans for the future.

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