Tuesday, May 21, 2013

More Questions Than Answers

Yesterday's post might have been sub-titled, "What I don't know about Columbia's Interfaith Centers could fill a book." As such it drew the most responses of any post I have written to date. It is good to know that folks will step in with information--I know so much more today than yesterday!

I wonder if Columbia would ever do an Interfaith Center "Crawl" along the lines of a Pub Crawl?  Would anyone be interested besides me? Pub Crawls are usually done on foot, I believe. But what if this were an event more like a progressive dinner, with stops along the way? It could be like the Columbia Home Tour--participants drive themselves from one place to the next. Or it could use Columbia Association vans along with knowledgeable tour guides from the Columbia Archives.

And again, here is something I don't know: has the Columbia Archives ever done an exhibit on the Interfaith Centers? I am always fascinated by the vintage/historical photographs, advertisements and written material that Barbara Kellner and her staff put together to enlighten today's residents about Columbia's past.

As a middle schooler, I participated in a program at our Unitarian Church in Stamford, Connecticut called "The Church Around the Corner." We learned about other faiths and visited worship services in our community. This is the sort of thing that Unitarians do extremely well. But It doesn't need to be limited to Unitarians. I think there's a lot to learn from a visit to Columbia's unique houses of worship.

In order for such an event to work, one would need to find a target audience and a motivator for participation. Would it be a fundraiser for a charity? Would funds raised go towards supporting Interfaith Center renewal? What interesting mysteries might be revealed along the way that would entice normally uninvolved residents to take a peek?

I recently read of some friends taking part in an urban scavenger hunt in Baltimore. Perhaps this event has the makings of a game--Interfaith Center Quest!

My usual desire is to turn everything into a party. With bouncy castles. Maybe I can take this one on as a matter for independent study, and report back to you. But if anyone's up for an IC Road Trip--I'm in!


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