Thursday, May 30, 2013

Spontaneous Generation

Last weekend I was pulling up some ivy which was growing along our fence. As I reached for the final handful, a large marmalade cat jumped up through my hands and ran away. Yikes! How did I manage to produce at a cat, ex nihilo?

As I got down to look more closely, I discovered a manhole placed into the grassy hill. The ground around one side had eroded, leaving just enough space for a cat to get in and out. A nice little shelter, a hidy-hole: a cat-portal.

The something-from-nothing analogy brings to mind the amazing annual Flea Market at Abiding Savior Lutheran Church. I have written about it before. Although a relatively small congregation, ASLC continues, year after year, to make significant donations to both charities and families in need because of this flea market.

How is this possible? Every year we all clean out our closets, garages, and attics to be sorted out at the Great Unpacking. Then it is priced, sold, or donated once the Flea Market is over. Nothing goes to waste. So then, how can we do it all again the next year?  Why do we never run out?

Creepy, isn't it?

Okay, maybe not that creepy. We all have too much stuff. And we are probably continuing to accumulate more than we'd like. New people join the congregation, bringing new stuff. Older members may be moving and downsizing. We are all at different points in our life journeys, in varying stages of being able to let go of material possessions.

United by Abiding Savior. United in a desire to help others. United in just having too much stuff!

Mark your calendars--Saturday June 8th, from 8 am to 12 pm.  Books, movies, toys, nick-knacks, housewares, Christmas items, gadgets, linens, small furniture, sometimes bicycles and TV sets, fine china, jewelry, and more.

Abiding Savior Flea Market: If you need stuff, we have the stuff that you need. This year's proceeds go to support the Claudia Mayer Cancer Center.


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