Friday, November 20, 2015


Last night this blog took home the Mobbies award for Most Influential Blog or Account. It was also Runner-Up in the category of Best Suburban Blog. I had prepared a speech, in case one would be necessary, but when The Moment came the speech felt too long and I went with an abbreviated version.

Here's the whole thing:

Wow. Thanks to the Mobbies for the awesome party, and for this award, which I'd like to accept in memory of the late, and wonderful, Howard County blogger Dennis Lane. His amazing body of work at Tales of Two Cities blog is what inspires me and pushes me forward every morning when I get up to write.

Now, we all know that the real truth about the Mobbies is that it's not really about the bloggers. It's about the energy in the communities around the blogs. Nobody takes home a Mobbie unless there are those enthusiastic readers who are willing to click, and click, and click again--because they're invested in the outcome. They care who wins.

So that means that this award is really not my award, but their award. But I'm more than happy to pick it up on their behalf, and share the bragging rights.

Thanks again to the Mobbies, especially for opening the doors to writers outside of Baltimore. And a special thanks to members of the Howard County blogging community. We may be weird, we're definitely feisty, and above all, we love what we do.

So congratulations on your award. And thanks for reading.


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