Saturday, November 14, 2015

Saturday Thoughts in an Unthinkable World

I feel that I must say something about what has happened in Paris and yet I am numb. I am overwhelmed by the violence. I see friends around me on social media post support for France and somehow I shrink from doing so. I squirm at the thought that it's another tragedy, another massacre. We bring out the same quotes, we add in situation-appropriate photographs and we post. Again. And again.

Yes, I grieve for the suffering. And I support the people of France. Yet somehow I feel a sense of horror at the recurrent nature of these events and I feel embarrassed to say anything. We've had so many in the era of social media that we have developed a protocol for socially acceptable condolences and responses. How absolutely sick is that?

When will we ever create a protocol that lets us work for peace?


Before I go, two things: this week brought a return post from Candace Dodson Reed over at Is This Thing On? Candace is smart, thoughtful, and she doesn't waste words. She's the real deal, and definitely a voice I'd like to be hearing more from. Secondly, this post by Bill Woodcock at The 53. It's a great look at discontent, self-examination, and the current state of the community blogging scene.

And finally, I was reminded by Ilana Bittner that yesterday was the sixth anniversary of the first taping of local podcast, And Then There's That. I think you can still listen. (There are 88 episodes!) A heartfelt HoCo Holler to all the folks at HoCoMoJo who worked on bringing that podcast to our community, with a special nod to the man himself.







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