Thursday, November 5, 2015

So What?

I'm having a "so what?" kind of morning. Maybe it's because of the time change and the overwhelming feeling that the light is receding. Or maybe it's the knowledge that my letter to the county council and county executive about Oakland Mills Village Board leadership was so clearly unsuccessful. Then there's the ongoing mold issues at Glenwood Middle that are still making some students and staff very sick. Or the long talk I had with my daughter last night about how dreary the "high school life" is turning out to be.

Just a little too much unpleasantness in a few too many areas.

A high point: yesterday's post by Tom Coale on HoCoRising. Entitled "364 Days", it looks back on the last year since the election with a wise and beautiful sense of perspective. As someone who ran for office and lost, I identify strongly with the sentiments he expresses. Worth the read. (And a special first birthday shout out to the Darling of Dorsey's Search.)

"So what?" is a defense against being let down or disappointed. If you don't care you can't get hurt. It's also quite paralyzing. If you don't care, then what's the point? In the Peanuts comic strip Linus used to go to an empty lot and throw rocks which he was angry or frustrated. He gave each rock a purpose:

  • "This is for the kid who pushed me in line."
  • "This is for the teacher who assigned a book report over the winter vacation."
  • This is for the big kid who laughed at my blanket."

Maybe I need to go throw some rocks.

In the meantime, this is some mood music for the day.



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