Monday, March 6, 2017

The Spirit and the Letter


Now, more than ever, the choice to be a sanctuary county is an important one.

CB-9 is not a bill looking for a problem. The problem has been heading towards us like a freight train and one need only read the news to see why we should take a stand to address it. CB-9 is not political grandstanding by those who proposed it. This bill is a response to a need, to real human beings who live in Howard County who many want to vilify or dismiss.

It falls to Councilman Jon Weinstein to change his vote in order to override the County Executive's veto. It seems unlikely that he will.

As Americans we must have more than an unthinking acceptance of what some call "routine law enforcement." The laws are there because We, the People, have endorsed them. Looking at the spirit of the law and not just the letter of the law involves deeper thinking. It challenges us. And this particular issue requires us to see not just with our brains but with our hearts as well. Without empathy we are simply routine enforcers.

Are we nothing more than that? Are we not meant to stand up for what we believe is right?

A huge shoutout today to everyone in our community who has worked in support of this bill. Nothing would be more satisfying than seeing your work come to fruition this evening. No matter what happens, the work will not be over. Discussion of this bill has revealed divisions among us that are troubling. Fear and prejudice run deep.

Justice and compassion have a lot more work to do in Howard County.

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