Tuesday, March 28, 2017

High School Highlights

Yet again I get my news from David Hobby @strobist on Twitter, who alerted me to this:

BIG ups to the one-woman heavy artillery squad on our local HS softball team today, who hit for the "home run cycle".

In response to this from Wild Lake High School:

AMAZING! History made at the @hcpss_wlhs field today! @Fathom_Leslie hits FOUR HR's! A 1run, 2run, 3run, & GRANDSLAM! The cycle of homeruns!

Hats off to Faith Leslie. I hear they are working on a suitably "fear-inducing nickname" for her.

In other high school news, choral assessments were hosted by Howard High School yesterday, and no body tweeted about it. Well, almost nobody. Nick Novak, principal of Howard High School, shared a video clip of his Concert Choir and some positive words. But that's it. Where were all the choral music geeks? Directors? Principals and other admin? Parents?

A bit of background: I track and share any hcpss-related music tweets for Howard County Parents for School Music. And there were plenty for Band Assessments and Orchestra Assessments. The silence on Choral Assessments struck me. Do people care less about choral music? Are choral directors less aggressive when it comes to self-promotion? Are principals and admin burned out after the first two rounds of assessments? Or perhaps the fact that this date had to be rescheduled after the snow day has something to do with it.

Here's a little something I wrote about how choral singing sometimes takes a back seat to other performing ensembles:

Sing Out

What do you think?

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