Sunday, November 11, 2018


Almost as soon as I posted yesterday’s blog I began to have second thoughts. So, here I am.

I was looking at the election news as a sort of last minute crisis that couldn’t be accommodated by the skeleton crew that our local paper has become. But the election wasn’t unexpected. The candidates were known well in advance. Along with that should have come the understanding of how historic it would be in our community should Calvin Ball win the election.

A cover story for each candidate should have been at the ready. It certainly could have been done in advance. The fact that the powers that be knew an election was coming and invested their efforts in a retirement piece for Dario Broccolino shows an incredible lack of foresight. They actually decided that an election was no reason to turn their attention from “business as usual.”

Somebody, somewhere in the BaltSun/HoCoTimes management made that judgement call. That the County Executive election was not worth preparing for and that the possible election of the first African American County Executive was not worth any extra thought.

That’s what I missed when I wrote yesterday’s post.

I have such a strong feeling of empathy for our local reporters and such concern for how our local news is being cannibalized by owner-corporations that I missed the point.

My apologies.

I’d like to thank the folks who patiently walked me through this without biting my head off.

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