Saturday, November 17, 2018


Once upon a time the Baltimore Sun sponsored a celebration of local blogs and social media called the Mobbies. Remember them? Then, for one year they were called The Crabbies. This year they appear to be no more. I’ve been digging around on Twitter for info and, although the Crabbies account is still there, it hasn’t been updated for a year and no one responds to inquiries.

Farewell, Mobbies. You were nice while you lasted. And yet, looking at a picture of the final year’s winners, a Howard County reader noted:

 I find myself wondering if this is reflective of the diversity of internet voices in Baltimore...

She’s got a good point. The photo shows an all-white crowd. Predominantly male.

But this is where things go downhill in a hurry.

Hmm. These offensive tweets appear to be from a writer of one of the winners of the Crabbies. They reference MSB, Maryland Sports Blog.

This man decided to target and harass a woman on Twitter who dared to question the outcome of a local blog popularity contest whose winners are determined by clicks.  I won’t presume to know his motive. I will say without reservation that his behavior is unacceptable. I reported these tweets. Strangely enough, nothing happened.

Since Mr.Hradsky is so quick to mention his professional association with the Maryland Sports Blog I feel comfortable sharing this page from their website.

These are their sponsors. I wonder what they would think of a representative of MSB carrying on like this on social media? Do we think that Sonoma’s would be happy to have him associated with their brand?

I sincerely hope not.

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