Wednesday, November 21, 2018

A Special Treat

Let me bring to your attention this comprehensive and insightful post by Elizabeth Brunetti on her blog, Take on E.

Friendsgiving at the Turn House

She begins,

A few weeks ago, The Turn House contacted me and asked if I’d like to attend the annual Friendsgiving dinner they host for their social media influencers. 

Two things that struck me while reading this piece.

First, it is unbelievably thorough. She has quite a bit of information to convey here, along with plentiful photographs of the food she sampled. This kind of piece takes a lot of work. Ms. Brunetti makes it look easy. I’m not at all surprised the folks at the Turn House invited her. As I read I had memories of delightful longer-form pieces from the dearly departed Gourmet Magazine.

Second, Ms. Brunetti’s take on the evolution from bloggers to social media influencers is spot on. I noticed the change when I attended such an event at Cured/18th & 21st. The team across the room came with special lighting to photograph the food. When I attempted to make small talk one woman was puzzled that I had a blog, not an Instagram.

But Instagram is never going to be a home for writing like this, sparkling like a Swarovski crystal on an evening dress:

At this point, I was perfectly happy letting the paparazzi worry about their perfect pictures. I was in heaven. I talked to Molly about the food. We pondered pimiento cheese. We marveled about mushrooms.

There’s one particular photo that illustrates this concept so beautifully. It also made me laugh a little.

Oh, for Heaven’s sake, read this piece. Enjoy it. Savor it. If we’re all going to be flattened down to Instagram snaps and hashtags, you may not have a lot longer to appreciate this kind of local writing.

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