Friday, November 23, 2018

Beware the Scythe

Facebook reminded me today of some friends who appear to be the kiss of death for local restaurants. It seems that all they have to do is be frequent visitors or, in some cases, merely drive by, to cause a restaurant’s demise. The restaurant in question was Chicken Out in the Columbia Crossing Shopping Center. (Mission Barbecue is there now.) As I recall, there were others. Mamma Lucia, maybe? Cosi? I can’t remember.

In the thread (from 2013) helpful friends make suggestions of mediocre restaurants they’d be happy to see removed from the local scene. I notice that Mimi’s at Gateway Overlook was one of them, and it appears they were successful on that front. Someone suggested that my friends were the restaurant Grim Reapers.

The lists of restaurants my friends were begged to stay away from included: Stanford Grill, On the Border, Houlihan’s, Royal Taj, and Tigi’s Ethiopian. All are still in operation so they have clearly been spared.

So, in a spirit of fun, can you think of any local restaurants that you think we’d be better off without? If we could send out a Grim Reaper of Restaurants, where would you send them?

Conversely, what restaurants would you want shielded from the kiss of death? I’m going to put in my request to spare Maiwand Kebab.

If we want to go full-on nostalgia here, let me know about the best now-departed restaurants that you really miss. That topic usually brings out the best in HoCoLocal reminiscing.

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