Sunday, September 1, 2019

Sounds of Summer

Last night as I sipped a Columbia Festival of the Arts Ale by Manor Hill Brewing and the day faded into evening at the Chrysalis I found myself getting a bit sentimental, The sounds of Damon Foreman and Blue Funk filled the space and reached beyond it with guitar, saxophone, keyboard and percussion virtuosity.

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“If Columbia/HoCo has a sound, this is it,” I thought. I knew it was mushy as soon as it entered my head but, really, I was having a moment. Maybe it was the ale talking. Maybe it was the Chrysalis aglow with twinkling lights and full of people having a good time, sharing a musical experience.

Of course, Columbia/HoCo has many sounds. I’d never want to have to choose only one. Living in a community with so many venues both big and small for enjoying music  is one of the reasons I love living here.

Here’s a new sound to me, and perhaps for you.

Wanderlight is a band out of Old Ellicott City. I found the music video for their song “Myosotis” (forget-me-not) on Twitter. The group describes themselves on their website:

Wanderlight bridges ethereal and immediate sounds, writing indie-folk songs of sorrow and joy composed of Mell Picco’s ethereal vocals and cello, Brennan Kuhns’ twinkly guitar licks, Bryan Geiger’s steady bass, and Jesse Florida’s trunk kit percussion. Brennan and Mell, both former members of Petal Blight, founded the new project Wanderlight in 2015. The group performs original songs inspired by heartache, secret gardens, beautiful conversations with strangers, the light they find in every darkness, and the historical town of Ellicott City they call home.

Here’s where you come in. Wanderlight has an Indiegogo to get their first album off the ground and they are within striking distance of their goal. Take a listen to their music and put a little “cash in their jar” if you can. You have the opportunity to help a homegrown, local group get their voices heard and shared. 

I found their music video especially compelling because of the local settings. Maybe you will, too. You know how this works: if you like the video, share it on social media. 

Who knows? Maybe next summer we’ll be enjoying Wanderlight at the Chrysalis.

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