Saturday, November 21, 2020

Congratulations, Kudos, and Thanks


First order of business: congratulations to our friends whose long-anticipated baby arrived safe and sound yesterday. Truly a bright spot in a dark time for all of us who know them. Welcome to the world! You have a great big village welcoming you.

Kudos to actor and hometown-raised Edward Norton for his recent pointed and perfectly crafted statement on Twitter about post-election Trump machinations. There’s quite a few Columbians on Twitter proud to rep Norton’s Columbia connections. 

Thanks to everyone who stepped up last night to provide information for an upcoming blog post on job benefits. Between responses on Facebook and Twitter, I’ve gotten a wealth of information. My immediate take: I’m thrilled for the people who have had awesome and creative benefits and I’m sad for the few who checked in to say they have never received any. Interestingly enough, I’m not angry that some folks have more than I ever have. I wonder why that is?

A post-script: over the summer we expanded our bubble of three to include our older daughter and her husband, who live near us in Oakland Mills. Due to to spike in cases, we have closed back down to our in-house unit. Since it’s only three of us now for Thanksgiving, I asked my younger daughter if she wanted to order takeaway. She said, “Where are the Black-owned restaurants in Howard County?” 

When I was 20 this is not a question I would have had and I am glad she asked it. We have started looking around and I shared her question on Twitter. Local writer  (and former blogger) Candace Montague offered:

Anegada’s Caribbean Delight, Rise, Tigis Ethiopian, Sidamo Coffee, and 18th & 21st has Black investors. Not sure what they offer for Thanksgiving but check them out.

Someone else suggested I check out @eatokratheapp. I will, but I must admit I had an extremely bad experience with okra once...

Don’t forget that today and tomorrow are the last two days to place bids in the Community Ecology Institute’s Silent Auction for the Maker Space at Freetown Farm. I found two things to bid on; now I wait. Here’s the link.

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