Thursday, December 31, 2020

New and Improved


Tonight is the big Sobar New Year’s Eve event “Mask”uerade Virtual New Year’s Eve Party. I’m actually “going”, as much as any of us go anywhere these days. I was happy to learn that sponsorships for the event have covered the cost so that ALL halfway houses and sober living facilities will attend the event at no charge. It’s good to know that Sobar’s commitment to creating exciting alcohol-free events is strongly inclusive of those who may not have the ability to pay. 

Tickets are still available and musical performers include local favorite Damon Foreman.

It looks like good news for environmentalists and fans of open space: the County has purchased a parcel of land which is known as the Savage Remainder to be added to open space preserved for use by the public. As for me, I am convinced that “Savage Remainder” is the perfect name for a rock band. I hope somebody out there agrees with me. Looking forward to future concerts at Savage Park...

Hyperlocal news story: I opened my refrigerator yesterday afternoon to discover that I had not, in fact purchased pre-formed pizza crusts from Wegman’s.

This news was unfortunately competing with our other hyperlocal news story: there is now a Nando’s conveniently located next to a Guitar Center in Laurel and we already had carry-out dinner plans. Members of my Buy Nothing Group were surprised to see this offering:

Gift: emergency pizza situation! Thought I bought pre-formed crusts. Apparently not. Looks like explosion is imminent. Come take these two bags of dough, purchased yesterday, and do right by them. 

I’m happy to say that the pizza crust found a new home almost immediately. However, I may always be known in the future as “that woman who was afraid of yeast.” What can I say?  Yesterday that was just more excitement than I could handle.

If you are looking for more excitement I recommend this piece over at The Merriweather Post, where blogger Jeremy Dommu is looking forward to 2021 with determination and enthusiasm. He has invited locals to add to his list. Of course I’d add attending concerts at the Chrysalis and events like Fantasywood and the Mini Maker Faire at Merriweather Park at Symphony Woods. Maybe even a Chrysalis Kids Dance Party. 

If you are looking for a year-in-review piece from me, that’s up tomorrow. I, too, am looking for that piece, so we can both be surprised and delighted if it shows up. I’ll be listening to Elevate Maryland’s most recent podcast episode today for some inspiration.

A person you are going to want to know more about in the New Year is Laura Bacon, founder of The 3rd, a Howard County based 501c3 non-profit and business incubator, to support local Black women and women of color entrepreneurs. Here’s the piece in the Baltimore Sun that sparked a flurry of local Twitter activity yesterday:

Howard County’s The 3rd nonprofit

Before I go, have you signed the petition in support of establishing the Columbia Community Care Peace and Justice Center? To learn more, and to add your name go here.

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