Sunday, October 24, 2021

Saturday Morning


Yesterday morning I was on a mission to pick out one of the beautiful student-made pieces offered for sale at the Burleigh Manor Middle School Yard Sale to benefit the Homewood Center. At a little bit after ten I was on my way. It’s a good thing I didn’t wait any longer because they had already sold eight pieces by the time I arrived. They were every bit as gorgeous in person as they were in the photographs.

It was a lovely variety of color, texture, share, and size. I wanted almost all of them, to be honest. I mulled over my decision while noodling around the various yard sale vendors. A little while later I was on my way with my selection.

Since I was already out of the house with no particular plans for the morning I headed over to the Saturday morning Farmers Market at Clarksville Commons. 

I’ve wanted to get out there for quite a while now. I hadn’t planned on buying anything but some onions caught ny eye as I passed the Clark’s Farm stall. I have one lonely onion at home whose provenance is unknown and recent news stories about salmonella have concerned me. What better replacement than local grown and cured onions? It’s a good thing I came along at just that moment. She only had a few boxes left.

Mostly I enjoyed wandering around the market and enjoying the sights and sounds. The Clarksville Commons Market has made a point of featuring local musicians. On hand while I was there: Sarah Beth Driver. Ms. Driver has become a familiar face in the local music scene, performing at venues such as the Dandelion Bistro, Lib’s Grill, Linganore Winecellars, and The Rathskeller. Yesterday she was repping Bach to Rock Music School in Fulton, where she teaches guitar and music technology.

An aside: I don’t know this much about every musician I bump into around town. Ms. Driver is a former student of my husband’s and naturally we've been following her career with a certain amount of pride.

I love the central grassy area at the Commons. I know they have used it to accommodate a number of activities including yoga classes and movie nights. Yesterday it looked like someone was having a birthday party. Clues: blankets spread on the grass, a table with gift bags and brightly wrapped boxes. Pretty clever: outdoors - -  perfect location for the unvaccinated - - with a lawn to spread out on, any number of food choices nearby, and live music.

I was happy to see an area set up for free COVID vaccinations and a steady line of people waiting to receive them. I wonder if today’s children will grow up remembering this as a time where people seemed to be getting inoculated every where you went.

When I got home I put my new purchase to good use.

Not a bad Saturday morning for an avowed homebody. 

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