Monday, November 15, 2021

In Search Of

I just misread a promo for an upcoming holiday event as “Satan is coming to your neighborhood.” 

How’s your morning going?

The heat in our house is churning away which means it must actually be cold outside. I checked the weather report for the day and it indeed looks chilly. Not frozen, mind you, but possibly cold enough to zip your jacket. Or wear a hat. And that brings us to…

Soup weather. As you know, I’m a big fan of soup. As the season moves towards darker and colder, my longing for soup increases. That got me thinking. Where’s the best soup in Howard County? Has anyone ever created the Great Columbia/HoCo Soup Tour?

We could. 

I don’t think we necessarily need a war room with enlarged maps and colored pushpins, but it would be fun to plot out where all the good soup is. That way, whether you’re driving Downtown or in Ellicott City, headed to Elkridge or Woodbine, you’d know where exactly where to show up if you have a soup craving.

I’ve had decent soup from Jason’s Deli and Panera, but I’d like to branch beyond chains and look at independently owned local restaurants. It would be good to know who has exceptional bread to go with their soup, too. 

You know I’m asking for your input, yes?

Years ago at the first Soup-er Sundae event I attended (the last in the old Rouse Building) my daughter and I sampled the most heavenly Chicken Tortilla soup. I can’t remember who made it but I’ve never had any since that could match it. You can just imagine how much an all-soup event appeals to me.

One last thing: local podcast Elevate Maryland. I just finished listening to the October 21st episode: Decolonizing Wealth with Edgar Villanueva. It’s a great interview and presents some quite enlightening concepts about the culture of philanthropy and other nonprofits. I see that Elevate will begin live shows again in January at their new home in Downtown Columbia, Busboys and Poets. Tapings will be on the second and fourth Mondays. 

Does anyone know if Busboys and Poets has good soup?

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