Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Valued Views


As we near the close of the year I’ve been thinking about all the local photographers who share their views with us. Over the years I’ve grown fond of an account on Twitter called Ellicott City Pix. (@ECPix) I don’t know the actual human behind this account, but I’ve long been a fan. 

In 2018 I was so charmed by “A Summer Project” that I asked to run it as a guest post. Warning: this post may lead to the consumption of cupcakes.

In recent years @ECPix has branched out from still photographs to short videos. They are shared every so often in their Twitter feed, but you can also find them on YouTube at Perspectives Ellicott City. and on TikTok: @ellicottcitypix . 

The ECPix Twitter feed is a comprehensive source for beautiful images, not only original posts, but also the work of other local photographers and artists. It’s both nature and Main Street, still photos, short videos and artwork. Something new: a book published for Amazon Kindle entitled “Alphabet Cats”.

Since its creation in 2014, @ECPix has shared a love of Ellicott City day after day, from expansive natural vistas to tiny pieces of jewelry in shop windows. It’s a living museum of sorts, tended by someone who is a creator, curator, and advocate. If you find yourself stuck inside this winter I highly recommend @ECPix both for the views and the perspective.

One more thing: poetry. Be prepared for examples of the work of Paul Laurence Dunbar, like this one:

By the Stream

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