Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Three Things: HCC


If three things make a blog post, then this must be the day for Howard Community College.  I’ve been hanging on to this image from last week because it made me realize I had never given one thought to whether HCC has its own food service on campus. 

The caption reads:

ROUND UP for the Fueling Dragons

When you stop by HCC’s Café on the Quad for a snack or lunch, the Fueling Dragons program benefits from your generosity when you round up!

Learn more about our Fueling Dragons program:

The Fueling Dragons programs at Howard Community College encompass a number of initiatives designed to meet the dual goals of: 1) providing immediate support for students who are facing hunger or food insecurity; and 2) working to build sustainable nutrition, food sourcing, and preparation skills through educational experiences and workshops. 

The program includes: a campus food pantry, campus garden, nutrition and health education, cooking classes, and meal kits that can be prepared at home. 

Wow. This is a multi-pronged, well thought out approach. Hungry students can’t learn. Healthy students are more able to pursue and continue their courses of study. If you are interested in helping, click the above link to find opportunities to be a part of Fueling Dragons.

And yes, they absolutely have food service options, which include Café on the Quad, Simply to Go, Starbucks, vending machines, and there are microwaves if you want to heat up something you brought from home. 

There is honestly so much I don’t know about HCC. But, I’m learning.

A tweet from the Women's Giving Circle alerted me to an upcoming Career Readiness Expo at HCC:

WGC Friends: Our partners at @HowardCC Howard Community College are looking for professionals to volunteer and provide insight and knowledge to students as they search for their perfect career path at the Career Readiness Expo, 9/28, 2-3:30 pm . (It’s) an opportunity for HCC students to engage with industry pros and employers 1-1. Students will have their resumes reviewed, practice interview skills & be asked questions by professionals. To participate, contact Anne Johnson, Director of Resource Development,

Perhaps you can see yourself participating in this event. The time commitment is brief, you’ll be assisting local students, and, who knows? Maybe you can grab a bite to eat at Café on the Quad. (Don’t forget to round up.)

The third thing (were you counting?) is the one that made me drop everything and write about HCC today.

Join us for HCC’s Drag(on) Extravaganza! An evening celebrating everything that is drag during LGBTQ+ History Month.

We're excited for performances by regional celebrity drag artists and a student drag competition where we will crown HCC’s Queen, or King, of the Extravaganza!

The Drag[on] Extravaganza is on October 6: beginning at 6 pm, and it’s free. I’m not sure if it’s for the HCC community or if members of the community are also welcome. I’ll find out. I wonder if the Pink Couch will make an appearance?

UPDATE: Thanks to HCC for their quick response!  The Drag(on) show is for anyone, is free, and requires no ticket or RSVP. 

There’s a whole lot going on at HCC. It’s almost enough to make me want to go back to college.

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