Saturday, April 29, 2023

An Unplanned Side Trip


Yesterday morning I was out running errands that would inevitably lead to my needing to get out of the car into the rain. Possibly motivated by this prospect, I took a detour over to Snowden River Parkway to see if they’ve finished work on the Starbucks. I’d heard they were adding a drive through to the location at Snowden and Deepage Drive. (What is Deepage? Is it like seepage, but deeper? Or is it meant to be Deep Age?)

I went through my photos this morning looking for the images I took on my adventure but of course they’re not there. I don’t take photographs while I drive! Sheesh. You’ll just have to make do with recollections from my mind’s eye. 

As I turned onto Snowden from Broken Land I began to notice signs along the road directing drivers to a Yard Sale. I recognized the logo of Animal Advocates of Howard County. This one:

I figured they were getting set up for a Saturday event. A yard sale on a Friday in the rain seemed unlikely. What piqued my interest was the location: a place called Sportsworld

Columbia has a place called “Sportsworld”? I followed the signs. I was imagining a place that sold sports equipment. I was wrong. This is Sportsworld. It’s an indoor facility for playing sports. It looks like they opened in 2021. The Patuxent Roller Derby team has used this facility for indoor practices.

Sportsworld is located on 9505 Berger Road Suite 200. I’d say, turn off Snowden as though you’re going to Daedalus, but that would date me. 

At any rate, while I don’t know if any of my readers are sporty, you might very well want to go to the yard sale today and support Animal Advocates. So, here’s the info:

Meanwhile, back to Starbucks. The construction on the new drive-through is nowhere near finished. As I sat in the parking lot I noted that the space once occupied by restaurants Three Brothers, and then Crave, is now Curaleaf, a cannabis dispensary. Something about the juxtaposition of caffeine and cannabis made me laugh. That’s an image I wish I had stopped to photograph. 

I’m going to be heading over to The Park today for Jazz in the Woods . The weather forecast says cloudy but not rainy and I’m determined to get my Chrysalis fix. 

Admission is free but you need to register so they’ll know how many people to expect. The Park concessions will be open and food trucks will be onsite providing refreshments for purchase. 

What are your weekend plans looking like?

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