Tuesday, September 3, 2019

The First Day

No first day of school pictures here. Our bird has flown. I’m enjoying all the first day pics and posts, though. I’m no longer a school parent, but I still care very much what happens in our schools.

I read with some dismay that some hold the sentiment that only folks with children in the schools should have a say in redistricting. Certainly those with children in the schools will feel the results in a personal way that others will not. I have no argument there. But all of us pay taxes to support the schools. And, in my opinion, we are all responsible for supporting and advocating for the best possible schools in our community.

A friend summed it up well when he said that those seeking to exclude non-school parents are:

...abandoning the most romantic notion of public education - that the entire community is involved and contributing towards the betterment of your child. 

I don’t think my voice should mean more than anyone else’s. I just don’t think it should be excluded. Nor should the voice of an uncle, or grandparent, or a retired teacher. And while we are at it, that means we don’t exclude renters in favor of home owners, either. When you see how far some people are willing to go to exclude others in order to make their own voices louder, you see exactly the kind of obstacles we face in supporting better schools for all children.

Post your pictures today if you have them. Recount your first day adventures. Some of us may not have kids in school but your children are a valuable part of our community and the first day of school is a big deal.

Let this be a year of learning and growth for all of us.

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