Saturday, September 7, 2019


Things that feel good:

  • Finally getting to eat at Curry and Kabob in Wilde Lake. Enjoying the Wilde Lake Village Center. Seeing the young people and families who turn up on a Friday night.
  • Lavenia Nesmith singing at the Chrysalis with an amazing group of back up musicians.
  • A hint of Fall in the air. A gorgeous night sky.
  • A link that takes me to someone fiercely defending me online.
  • Watching devoted professionals care for infants. They are amazing!
  • Seeing the Oakland Mills Dunkin Donuts move closer to completion.
  • Driving down Little Patuxent Parkway in the early evening and feeling like it’s both an old familiar friend and a new exciting creation.
  • My neighbor’s new sign.
  • People who stand up for equity and inclusion,
  • The weekend.
After a rather bumpy week on many fronts, I’m going to push back a little with some positivity. I’m not trying to block out or ignore what’s difficult. I’m determined to nourish myself enough that I can jump back in to doing what’s important.

As always, I’m interested in your own lists of Columbia/HoCo things that feel good. A shared repository of positivity can’t hurt, right?

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