Tuesday, July 28, 2020

On My Mind

My apologies, as yesterday’s post seems to have been the kiss of death for the baseball season.  I’m almost reluctant to write about anything else lest I have the same effect. 

On my mind this morning:

Josh Kurtz’ review of Governor Hogan’s new book. (‘Still Standing’ is Hogan’s Paean to Hogan, Maryland Matters)

The local discussion about a petition to end the relationship between the Howard County Schools and the Howard County Police Department.

This news from a meeting of the Howard County Board of Elections: Director Guy Mickley says he only has 102 election judges for 800 spots to staff early voting in Nov. He says that's "very troublesome." Right now each judge would have to work all day for 8 straight days.
(Emily Opilo, Baltimore Sun)

In the meantime, please keep wearing a mask, washing your hands, and observing physical distancing. Stay out of the heat if possible and drink plenty of water. Donate to causes helping those who are in crisis and please refrain from writing nasty things about other people on the internet. 

I think that covers everything. I’ll see you tomorrow.

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