Friday, August 30, 2013

Ignite, Inspire, Excite

First there was Ignite Columbia. Then there was Inspire Columbia. Now there is Excite Columbia. Excite Columbia, which is being launched by CA, is a self-described Citizens Academy. I think that's great. I am curious to learn more. I asked the following questions and received a prompt response from Celeste Olinger, director of communications and community engagement.

Who do you envision is the target audience for this?

Excite Columbia's target audience is any resident that lives on Columbia Association-assessed property, including new homeowners as well as anyone interested in being involved with Columbia Association. We want people to have a greater understanding of the way CA operates and how CA serves the community.

Once someone completes this, what's next? Does it qualify one for anything? Do you imagine it might become recommended for those seeking office? High school or college students? New homeowners?

People will emerge more informed about CA and its role in the community and will hopefully continue to be involved both with CA and the community as a whole.

I'm still curious. Imagining this as a party, who will come? What will motivate them? How will CA reach out to the target audience, who are often disengaged from CA and community issues? Will the presentation of information be dynamic and appealing? And what will completing the program give them that they didn't have before? Will they see that and know how to use it?

I'd really, really like to start a discussion here on what you think of this. To me, Excite Columbia could be the beginning of a much-needed conversation about who we are, and who needs to educated and involved in our future.

So, speak up, Campers! I'm ready to listen.


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