Sunday, August 25, 2013

Neighborhood News


Hot off the presses! Here's what is happening in Cinnamon Tree at Talbott Springs and the surrounding environs:

One of my more recent neighbors has a band called Ventura Highway that plays The Second Chance and other local venues. She also sings the occasional tune with the Dave Phenecie Band. She. is. good.

My neighbors across the street completed a significant addition to their house and now my husband wants one. Probably everyone wants one.

Catacorner to us are the young couple who take their beautiful cat out for walks. On a leash. Who knew? Works for them, and makes for a happy cat!

Our handsome young neighbor has returned safely from his most recent deployment. I almost didn't recognize him because of the massive beard he grew while away. Alas, he had to shave it off so I guess it didn't meet the requirements stateside. Upon his return he bought a grill and patio furniture. Hope he's enjoyed some serious summer fun. He deserves it.

Our most immediate neighbor spent the last year training for Iron Girl. At the last minute, health issues forced her to pull out. So impressed that she went anyway, to cheer on and photograph her buddies. What a good sport! Here's hoping next year goes perfectly for her!

If moving vans are any indication, our neighbors down the way who always put out the best Christmas lights have moved out. As the lolcats say, "I haz a sad." In my little neighborhood of modest quadroplexes, their annual display added a much needed touch of holiday cheer.

Word on the street--literally, signs poked into the ground--is that our side of Thunder Hill may get some speed bumps/traffic calming devices. I'm all for it, even though I hate speed bumps. People come zooming down this street without regard to the fact that is a residential one. The curves and differences in grade make it impossible to see around corners. Our car was almost completely totaled by someone speeding as we were pulling out of our parking lot. Not to mention that there is only ONE legitimate crosswalk between Route 175 and the Oakland Mills Village Center...

Bill Woodcock reports that the Oakland Mills Village Board spent yesterday having a Board Retreat, and that excellent things are in the works. He gives props to Board Chair Bill Gray for his leadership. Speaking of Bill Gray, are you getting his newsletter? It is awesome! If you want timely news about what the Board is really doing, this is what you want to read, along with the weekly OM Newsletter from Sandy Cederbaum. No rant, no slant, just a clear presentation with an invitation for all to participate.

I've heard rumors that the tired old Oakland Mills Village Center sign is finally going to be replaced by Cedar Properties. When this actually happens, I'd like to invite you to come down and have your picture taken with it! I know I will. Special thanks goes to Village Manager Sandy Cederbaum for continuing to make this a high priority. The flowers in the fountain/sculpture in front of The Second Chance Saloon are mighty nifty, too.

Closer to home, my front flower bed has been amazing thanks to the multitude of annuals we purchased at the Oakland Mills Farmers Market. We've attracted many more butterflies this year, as well. My adventures clearing our back patio were quite successful right up until I got a nasty case of poison ivy, and we are looking to hire someone to pull up the horrible indoor-outdoor carpeting and lay tile out back. Testimonials on behalf of brilliant, reasonably-priced contractors would be appreciated.

This update from the Summer of Neighbors was brought to you by pools, pizza, snowballs, ice cream, sleeping late, shopping the farmers market, and chilling out in lawn chairs.


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