Thursday, August 8, 2013

Shameless Imitation Post

Last week I had a blast reading this post on The 53.   The only thing I didn't like about it was that I hadn't thought of the idea first. So, with my debt to Marshmallow Man clearly stated, here are my random thoughts of the day.

Why is Oakland Mills the only Village to have their Annual Summer Pool party in an undisclosed location?  What's up with that? (Actually, this year they did break down and reveal the location on FB, and I don't blame them, because the upgrades to the Stevens Forest Pool are just Columbia Awesome.)

Why am I unable to type the words Oakland Mills without typing it as "Oakland Milks"? Is this some unresolved dairy farm karma going on here?

Is Columbia ready for their own not-ready-for-prime-time players?  This post from Bill on Inspire Columbia has some serious (and by serious, I mean, not at all serious) potential. This should absolutely be filmed at The Mall Starbucks on Sunday mornings.

And, in that vein, admit it, there are people out there in HoCoLand who are seriously bummed that they never got their big chance in the local limelight on the Lane/Skalny/HoCoMoJo podcast: And Then There's That. And these may be the very folks who could sharpen their skills on the aforementioned Columbia Comedy show. Who knows?

Does it matter what kind of grass grows in your yard, really? Because we have been working on several patches where trees used to be all summer, and we have three  small clumps of "real" grass. But other alien species of grass are coming along quite nicely.  Does it make any difference to storm water? Will I have to get permission from the RAC?

Has anyone ever tried to identify themselves as living in the Village of Outparcel?

And one last thing. The last two times I have been to the KFC on Snowden the service has been incredibly good. Are they under new management? They keep the line moving, get the orders out, smile and joke with each other, offer helpful suggestions to the customers. So many times I find KFC's to be the epicenter of mind bogglingly poor service, so this stands out. I hope it's a trend!

And about that KFC food...we really don't eat there that often. And of course I always go @HoCoUnsweetened in the drink department...

Don't forget, the next HoCoBlogs Party is August 20th at the 2nd Chance Saloon in Oakland Milks.


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