Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Mayor of Mayhem


Location, position. Checking in. Locate yourself.

Where are you in relation to others?

In the middle, half way down, at the front of the line, in the back of the bus.

Finding yourself. Defining yourself by where you are.


Perspective, field of vision, light and shadow. Glare.

What do you see?

The angle, the distance, a clear view, obstructed view

distortion, disturbance, refusal, denial


Don't know, don't care

Can't see. Can't find a landmark, a lighthouse,

A sign or a map.




In a departure from my usual blogging style, I'm free associating. Why? After watching people talk past each other, reach out, get rebuffed, talked down to, exhorted, chided, pontificating, pleading, freaked out, fed up, and frozen out...

Wait. I'm still at it.




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