Thursday, November 7, 2013

Things that make me...


 Alice Kathryn Elisabeth--

"Out with my bestie of 26 years — with Julia Jackson McCready

at Second Chance Saloon."



 A former student's death this week, at the age of ten, of a chronic illness.

The loss of a high school student to an apparent suicide.

The emotional toll on affected teachers, including my husband.



 My younger daughter's discovery of "Sam and Cat" Fan Fiction. Will she enter a fantasy world and never come out?



 The new signs at the Oakland Mills Village Center look great. But does the one near the Interfaith Center seem to be at an odd angle or in an odd place to you? Or is it just me?



 Cutting off food benefits to hungry families who have no clout in government to fight back is no way to save money.



 Last night's Blog Party at the Second Chance Saloon made me realize that the Howard County Bloggers are so much bigger, deeper, and wiser than any brand.



 Watching people I know and love turn their lives around, get back on their feet, make new lives for themselves. Each step, each moment of success.

 A wedding invitation from two friends who participated in our wedding almost fourteen years ago who are now able to enjoy those same legal rights and want to include us in their joy.


“A baby is God's opinion that the world should go on.” --Carl Sandburg

Well, so is rebirth, and the choice to love and go on loving. To take the gift of life and take the scary steps to live anew.

That's what's in my mind and in my heart this morning.


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