Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Location, location, location

A friend of mine in the neighborhood has a lovely house and an inviting yard that always shows signs of life. Bikes and other children's play equipment hint at the active fun her children must be having. It's a perfect example of suburban loveliness imbued with liveliness.

But her house holds a secret. A darker side that surely didn't come to light until after they had lived there for awhile. As any realtor would tell you, it's all in the location. It's halfway down a small street that is the only connection between two more important thoroughfares. There's a bit of an incline.

What this means in good weather is that her home is under almost constant police surveillance. Well, not really. It seems that this spot is the ideal one to nab folks who roll through the nearby stop sign. I have to admit that I would feel a bit unnerved by that much togetherness on a daily basis. But she and her family take this in stride. It's just the way things are.

However, in the winter, it's a different story. Ice and snow on the little road mean my friend is on the lookout for misplaced motorists--in her yard. Something about the incline of the road, and the location of her house, and the speed of drivers combine into the perfect recipe for disaster. She has seen people take out street signs, mailboxes, even careen into her yard.

"Why me?" She must be thinking. And yet, I don't think she does, because she is far too positive-minded and, frankly, too busy to allow this state of affairs to fill her with dread. All houses come with challenges. This is theirs.

Well, I am forever getting involved in other people's business, as you know. I want to see if problems can be fixed, connections between people forged to start the process of improvement. And so, I wonder. Is there anything about this situation that could be changed that would make the little road safer, and keep her house out of the 'line of fire'?

I know some incredibly helpful people who work for the County. And I am going to ask them, but not today. I think they are going to be very, very busy. In the meantime, please keep my friend and her lovely house in your thoughts. It could be a very exciting day for them.

Under the circumstances, I think an uneventful day is what she's wishing for.


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