Thursday, January 16, 2014

Planning Ahead

Have you ever noticed that Facebook seems to be the place where people get to have their little Seinfeld moments and say, "What's up with that?" It might be an odd experience at the store, a weird quote from a politician, or the way our brains work or don't work. Social media gives us a chance to say: Seriously? And the response is mostly likely: I know, right?

The other day my husband posted this:

Is the term "planning ahead" redundant? Shouldn't we just say "planning"?

A discussion followed. Almost all respondents were in agreement. But I am not. Although I am not the greatest in the planning department, I do recognize different types of planning: short-term, mid-range, long-range. I think "planning ahead" refers to the ones not immediately on one's doorstep. And that's where you come in.

Yes, you.

There will be Columbia Village elections in April. If you have been concerned about things happening in your Village, you are the ideal candidate for your Village Board. If you want to be a part of how Columbia Association works together on behalf of all Villages to benefit the here-and-now and the future, you should consider running for your Village's CA rep position.

Don't wait. Plan ahead. I know some great local folks, many of them active in PTA, or Scouting, or their churches, whose talents and expertise are sorely needed at the Village level. In addition, there is a serious need for generational balance on many of our Village Boards. We need a better balance of young professionals, parents of young children, and others who bring different perspectives to the mix. Equally needed: racial and ethnic diversity.

Brief personal vignette: there is a great disparity between the vision in my two eyes. I got by without wearing glasses for many years by leaning on the vision in my good eye. However, I lacked depth perception. My hand-eye coordination was abysmal. My experience in tossing a Frisbee around went something like this: I saw the Frisbee being thrown. I saw it moving through the air toward me. It disappeared. It hit me in the head.

Sometimes we get upset, angry, or deeply concerned about a issue in our Village. That's when we are most likely to talk to friends, send an email, or attend a meeting. Then the crisis passes and we go back to our normal lives. But that often means that we release that sense of personal responsibility. The Frisbee disappears. But without our involvement, rest assured that the likely outcome will be an unwanted blow to the head.

Oof! Those issues that matter to us? There they are again.

Summing up: in the short-term, consider a run for a Village office. Mid-range: find out requirements and deadlines; visit a Board meeting. Long-term: make Columbia a better place.


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