Sunday, May 18, 2014

Be Educated!

Tip of the hat to candidate Tom Baek, who sent the following:


On April 30th, 2014, The League of Women's Voters Board of Education Candidates Forum was held at the Howard County Dept. of Education on Rt. 108 in Ellicott City.

The following is a TV SCHEDULE of the REBROADCASTS for the rest of May.

Channel 42, Verizon; Channel 95, Comcast.

SUN MAY 18TH: FORUM #1 - 12PM-115PM; FORUM #2 - 130PM-245PM

SUN MAY 18TH: FORUM #1 - 8PM-915PM; FORUM #2 - 930PM-1045PM

FRI MAY 23RD: FORUM #1 - 8PM-915PM; FORUM #2 - 930PM-1045PM

SUN MAY 25th: FORUM #1 - 12PM-115PM; FORUM #2 - 130PM-245PM

SUN MAY 25th: FORUM #1 - 8PM-915PM; FORUM #2 - 930PM-1045PM

2 FORUMS were held, 6 in each group.

Numbers were drawn to determine who would be in which forum.

Candidates in Forum #1: Corey Andrews, Olga Butler, Dan Furman, Leslie Kornreich, Mike Smith, and Cynthia Vaillancourt,

Candidates in Forum #2: Bess Altwerger, Tom Baek, Zaneb Beams, Alan Dyer, Sandra French, and Maureen Evans Arthurs.

Candidate Cynthia O'Connor did not participate.

Blair Ames write-up is here.


This article by a Blair Ames take note of HCEA endorsements for the Board. Read it to see who, and why. For more in-depth information on why these candidates were selected, you can read updates on the HCEA Facebook page. Blair Ames has also been doing a series of in-depth pieces on each candidate. Three cheers to him for doing his homework; now let's do ours!


I don't normally say this, but there's a lot coming up on the blog this week. So do your homework on the Board of Ed now--talk about it with your friends, too, and be ready for what the week has in store.



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