Sunday, September 7, 2014

Brief Notes

Over the last year I have received some thank-yous that have meant a lot to me. I have been thanked for campaign contributions, blog posts, children's chats at church, and even a box of Pop Tarts. These moments of gratitude take a variety of forms: preprinted, hand-written, emailed, and person-to person in conversation. (Even a thank-you party!)

I have a few thank yous to share today. I have been carrying them around with me in my head, and they have gathered enough momentum to command their own blog post.

1. To whoever fixed the lying-down sign at the intersection of Oakland Mills Road and Oakland Mills road (near Pete's Snowballs) with one that is ten times nicer--thanks! I love it.

2. To the staff member at Walgreen's who authorized the complete overhaul of the outdoor plantings, landscaping, etc. It was getting really depressing and now it looks loved and cared for. Nice work.

3. To the parents who serve on my school's PTA, on the PTA Council of Howard County, and all the parents who showed up for Back to Music Night at OMMS. You rock!

4. To the Village Manager in Oakland Mills, Sandy Cederbaum, and all our Village Staff for everything they do, day in and day out, to make our Village a better place. We <3 Oakland Mills!

5. To the staff at the Royal Farm store near Triadelphia Ridge. I have been going there for years and just realized that I have never had a bad experience there. In fact, most times the service is above average. They are way past due for a shout out.

So take a moment to thank someone. Soon. Today, even. And when someone thanks you, don't brush it off. Take the time to really let it sink in, and absorb it. I guess that's my sermon for today.

Thanks for listening.


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