Tuesday, September 30, 2014

December Dreams

Last night I started making plans for December. I have reached the point of complete overload with this election and I wanted to find a point on the horizon far beyond November 4th. We are all inundated with mailings, television ads, requests to volunteer, and friends and acquaintances "having it out" over candidates and issues.

In December I will be wishing for snow. I will be wondering if my teen will still get the sled out and go careening down the awesome hills in our neighborhood of Cinnamon Tree.

In December I will yet again be making a crazy Advent calendar with activities for every day until Christmas. I will be planning Christmas dinner with Alice as we look forward to the first Christmas in their new house. I will be going to concerts. I will be soaking up the music.

In December I will be looking at baby pictures, amazed that what seemed like the worlds longest election season could produce such a tiny, miraculous "bébé".

In December I will be counting the days to vacation. I will be dreaming of leisure, cookie-baking, sleeping in, and family board games.

In December there will be new challenges on the horizon as the New Year approaches.

Of course, we really live in the moment, in the here and now. And right now we have choices to make and work to do if we care about our community, our schools, our state. But last night I gave myself a brief respite and dreamed about where we will be on the other side of the election.

It was lovely.


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