Monday, September 8, 2014

True Colors?

Over the weekend, a friend posted this on Facebook:

Photo circulating of confederate flag displayed by Glenelg HS fans at football game in #hocomd Friday PM. Haven't seen any further info. :-(

The responses:

It was part of this photo gallery and was still up yesterday. It has since been removed. Lot of parents have gotten involved in the next moves.


Although I will say, having grown up out that way, not surprised.


I have a hard time knowing where to start with this. I must admit that including that photo in the online collection was a pretty gutsy move by the Sun and certainly made it more difficult to sweep the students' action under the rug. Now there will have to be consequences. And that is as it should be.

I am reasonably certain that the Confederate Flag is not the official flag of Glenelg High School. Therefore, the choice to display it at a football game was meant to send another message. While there seems to be a general agreement that many folks in the Western part of Howard County are conservative, you'd have to have grown up under a rock not to know that display of the Confederate flag is offensive to a lot of people.

How many African-American students go to Glenelg? And how many are on the football team?

How many African-American students go to River Hill? How many are on the football team?

Will those numbers tell us anything about what motivated these kids? What were they trying to do? Make the other team angry?

I don't know. I do know that it was a hard-fought game and River Hill clinched it by one point.

Glenelg lost by more than that one point. Whoever those students are, they raised the specter of prejudice and maliciousness in their school community. That's a tough loss to come back from.


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