Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Be There

It seems as though I am always asking you to go to a meeting, write a letter, or give testimony. Today I am asking you to go have fun. Here are two dates coming up soon that are chock-full of Columbia goodness.

The Second Chance Saloon is celebrating six years this Friday. We came pretty close to losing them. What a thrill it is to mark another year for a successful mom-and-pop establishment that is making a go of it in one of Columbia's older village centers. Stop by Friday for dinner, a quick drink, or some delicious pub snacks and offer your congratulations. If you want to see more local flavor and fewer impersonal chains, vote with your feet. I hope to see you there.

The Oakland Mills Cookie Swaptacular returns for its ninth year at the Other Barn. You can RSVP here. You can learn more at the Fan Page here. It is more than just a cookie swap, and you don't have to be from Oakland Mills to participate. There's delicious hot drinks and cookie-tasting, time for socializing, crafts for kids, pictures with Santa, and the room is beautifully decorated and there's holiday music a-plenty. And did I mention Door Prizes? I can't attend this year because of a conflict with my daughter's Peabody Concert. But I can assure you that the legendary Cookie Chicks are hard at work to make sure that this year Swaptacular is the best ever.

Today is Giving Tuesday. There are so many requests in my inbox right now. I can only really pick one. I think I'll go local with the library. What about you?



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