Sunday, December 7, 2014

Stand Together

Time for a sermon. You'll find it here. In her piece, "The Luxury of Lies", HoCoHouseHon blogger Alice Marks challenges us to look beyond easy answers to the horrible truth behind them.

"And we were lied to in school, because the lesson was always that racism was over in this country. The happy lies we were taught - that Martin Luther King fixed this all for us, that Rosa Parks changed public transportation forever in one brave moment of fatigue, that broken Black bodies were a thing of the past and nobly martyred for the cause of a post-racial America - are just that. They are lies."

This Friday you have a chance to stand up against the racism and institutionalized violence at Black Lives Matter - Vigil in Howard County. Join if you can. We cannot remain silent while our friends and neighbors, brother and sisters, need us.



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