Friday, December 4, 2015

Momma Knows Best

Did your mother impress upon you the importance of thank you notes? Mine sure did. And I'm here to present one that's long overdue. About a year, actually. Last December I received a gift box of cookies from Monica Rogers Williams, AKA Momma, of From Momma's Kitchen. She's a former teacher at Talbott Springs Elementary School and a resident of Oakland Mills, so I try to use my social capital to share the cookie love.

So it was almost Christmas and she decided to share some back with me.

Of course I immediately took a picture and then posted on Facebook:

Merry Christmas to me from the amazing Momma (From Momma's Kitchen)! I went straight for the gingerbread. Thanks, Monica Rogers Williams!

And on Twitter:

I just had a visit from one of Santa's very special helpers. Thanks, Momma!

I oohed and aahed over the packaging and the presentation. I took more pictures.

And then, the holidays descended upon me, and it's all a blur. I carefully treasured and savored each cookie, and I kept telling myself, "I've got to write about this!" But then it wasn't Christmas anymore and I felt stupid. I missed my time window to let you know how amazing Momma's cookies are.

Luckily, even though the cookies are long gone, I still have my photos, and my memories.

This gift box (a 25.00 dollar value) is a part of her Cookie of the Month Club*. It contained two each of six different kinds of cookies, plus a sample of her (delicious) peppermint bark. The cookie flavors for December were: Double Chocolate Peppermint, Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate, Egg Nog, Holiday Sugar Cookie, Cranberry Orange, and Gingerbread.

Each cookie comes individually wrapped. They are tender and full of flavor, and the flavors are true, not artificial-tasting in any way. The experience of eating these cookies is rather like savoring a fine box of chocolates. Each individual cookie is a special treat. And like a fine box of chocolates, it may be difficult to share them.

So I suggest you buy someone you love their own box.

You can follow Momma's activities on Facebook and on Twitter. You can learn more about her full range of products at her website. And here's a fun article about the origins of her business and her cookie dreams.

As far as I am concerned, her cookie dreams are truly dreams come true. If you need to buy a present for someone that will truly wow them, please consider sending one of her incredible gift boxes. Or if you really, really love them, sign them up for an entire year of cookie goodness.

And if they really love you--maybe they'll share.

In closing, I must say: Thanks, Momma. Sorry this thank you note is so late. The cookies were delicious.


*Details from Momma: I shared our December cookie of the month box with you. The cost is $15/month for yearly membership, 6 months membership for $20/month and a month to month membership for $25/month. All of our cookies are homemade and club members get the first taste of our new cookies. To date, we have more than 37 gourmet cookies choices. Each box has 3 different kinds of cookies plus a special secret treat on top.









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