Tuesday, December 15, 2015

More Than Mold

Glenwood. In local news coverage and on social media, it's become synonymous with mold, illness among students and staff, lack of transparency from school system leadership. If you don't know about what's going on out there, you should.

And yet.

And yet there's more to Glenwood than mold, and I'm sure the folks who live out that way would love to be able to focus on the good and be known for more than living in crisis mode. So, with that in mind, here's a little sparkle of light for you this morning. Via @LoriConforti:

New #RandomActsOfKindness added, which will you choose? Visit the Glenwood Branch @HoCo_Library #spreadjoy #HoCoMD

Lori Conforti's Twitter page describes her as:

Teens' Instructor & Research Specialist, @HoCo_Library Providing educational opportunities to students & the wider community. Libraries=Education

I don't know Ms. Conforti in real life, but I enjoy following her on Twitter because the programs she's running for teens at the Glenwood Branch are so appealing. Off the top of my head I recall reading about astronomy, hedgehogs, musical theater, knitting...I don't think libraries did this kind of outreach to teens back when I was in school. Sadly, there's no way I can sneak in and pretend to be a teen at this point in my life. Much eyerolling would ensue.

This is another example of what a valuable role the Howard County Library System plays in our community. When I think of the Howard County Libraries I think of words like responsive, collaborative, dynamic. It's truly something to take pride in. There's a chance to celebrate their 75 years at their Chapters-of-our-Lives Time Capsule Installation on December 21st at 4 pm, at the Central Branch. Learn more here.

And don't forget to pick a random act of kindness and spread some joy today.


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