Saturday, December 19, 2015

Wake Up Call

At least three of my friends got up early to run in organized race events. Momma was probably up early, baking up a storm for today's Brunch Event at Shepherds Life Church in Ellicott City. Perhaps you were up early, wrapping presents, doing the last bit of online shopping, doing some holiday baking, or hanging out with an early-waking child who just can't wait til Christmas.

I didn't plan to be up early. But Amazon had other plans. At six something someone rang our doorbell, banged on the door, and departed, leaving two Amazon Prime packages. Good for them. I guess.

Much as I love the convenience of Amazon, the resemblance to the mega-corporation Buy N Large (from the movie WALL-E) grows more striking all the time. They recently launched food delivery (from restaurants) in the Baltimore area. Is cupcake in a cup coming sooner than we think?

On my agenda for the day: one holiday party, one dinner and board game night with family, teaching my daughter how to make the traditional Christmas Candy so she can give it to her friends, and one more very important thing: a nap.


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