Saturday, January 16, 2016


Tonight at UUCC in Owen Brown you can enjoy some music and do your bit to support social justice at their Music for Justice Concert. It starts at 7 pm. The performer is Jim Scott, and funds raised will go to the Penn North Children's Safe Zone. Soup and dessert will be served. There's just one thing. In keeping with their desire to reduce waste from the event, they're asking you do bring your own bowl and spoon with you. So, BYOB, and S. There will be a free will offering. Suggested donation is $20.00, but, as with many things, the UU's are flexible. Give what you can.

Today and tomorrow the Youth and Teen Center at The Barn in Oakland Mills is hosting their annual clothing giveaway days.

There's an article about the event here. The Youth and Teen Center runs a number of programs for local kids and offers a fun and safe after school environment. There are plenty of recreational events throughout the year and a special focus is placed on activities that develop leadership skills and boost self-esteem.
Through all of this runs a strong thread of service. Youth and Teen Program Coordinator Safire Windley says, "It's giving through kindness [and] just going that extra mile to inspire change and hope in our community." The clothing drive and giveaway is a huge annual project and it is a lot of work. The greatest success these kids will have is weekend will be connecting with people who really need clothes, so if you know of people or groups in need, please spread the word.
Yesterday's post brought out a lot of discussion on calendar changes. It was pointed out to me by several readers that I didn't mention the role the Calendar Committee played in all this. Never fear, I'll be back tomorrow with more on that, but I thinking we all deserve a day off from school sometimes, especially on a Saturday after what feels like a especially long week.


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