Sunday, January 10, 2016

Hat Trick

Okay, so I have previously been schooled by Scott Ewart that public figures probably aren't running their own social media accounts. So I'm not going to blame this on Alan Kittleman.

RT @HoCoGovExec "Watch as I announce the release of the #HoCoMD Bicycle Master Plan! Click here: "

It's only because of my own age, juxtaposed with that of whoever wrote the tweet, that this immediately came to mind. I'm guessing it's not a cultural reference for them. But it certainly is for me. And now it cannot be unseen...

I will never again be able to see The County Executive without thinking of Bullwinkle Moose. Oh, well. There are worse things. Like maybe having to do the Bicycle Master Plan announcement outdoors on one of the coldest days of the year. Or bringing in schoolchildren for a press event so David Ramsay of hcpss could extol the benefits of Bicycle Master Plan to them. On one of the coldest days of the year.

Of course I'm a big fan of supporting methods of getting around town that provide alternatives to the ever-present automobile: bikes, better pedestrian options like increasing sidewalks and crosswalks where there are none, better public transit. And, since Mr. Kittleman used Blandair Park as the backdrop for his announcement, it's worth noting that Blandair is just a hop, skip, and a jump from the future site of Bridge Columbia. I'm looking forward to some bold leadership there.

It was a busy week for the County Executive, as he undertook a sort of whirlwind tour of numerous county schools in support of--well, I don't actually know what. It certainly looks as though he is throwing his entire support behind the Superintendent and Board of Education at a very difficult time when the community and legislators are demanding accountability. Interesting.

As more information comes out about the mold issues at Glenwood, it's awfully brave of Mr. Kittleman to put his name and face out there in support of the powers that be in hcpss.* It certainly makes it easier for plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit to decide who to name, doesn't it? It looks like he doesn't want to be left out of any of the excitement.




*Fun fact: at the Bike Howard Master plan meeting, a parent said they should fix the mold at Glenwood before building any bike paths.




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