Saturday, January 21, 2017

Intellectual Property

They plagiarized the cake.

Duff Goldman: The cake on the left is the one I made for President Obama's inauguration 4 years ago. The one on the right is Trumps. I didn't make it.

I doubt that Mr. Goldman is going to bring suit over theft of intellectual property. Although I think he has a case. Nonetheless,  he wants us to know. Someone stole his ideas and their execution rather than creating work of their own. 

Tacky, is it?

We have a similar problem right here in Howard County. Someone is stealing photographs taken by reporter Fatimah Waseem for the Howard County Times/Baltimore Sun and doctoring them to use in Anti-Sanctuary propaganda.

Fatimah Waseem: That moment you see one of your .@CalvinBallTeam photos (NOT in public domain) being used like this:

Stealing other people's work is theft. It is actionable. Why, one could say it is criminal behavior, 

Those anti-Sanctuary folks have plenty to say about criminal behavior. It's too bad they can't make their point without engaging in criminal behavior themselves.

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