Saturday, February 3, 2018


Yesterday someone hurt my feelings on the Internet. These things happen. I tried to resolve it but couldn’t. So I just need to walk away, sit with those feelings for a while, and move on. Maybe I’ll learn something from the experience. Maybe not.

Yesterday someone launched a concerted attack against someone I admire and respect and, let me tell you, that’s a whole different story. When I see someone I care about being hurt, the desire to support and defend is fierce. I don’t feel one bit like walking away. I don’t philosophize that maybe I’ll learn something. Using the internet to publicly shame someone when one might have picked up the phone or dropped them a note is dangerously close to online bullying, in my opinion. We’re supposed to stand up to bullies. Aren’t we?

Lest you think I’m nothing but a bundle of disappointment, I should let you know that I had a wonderful day at work yesterday. My students are the greatest, I adore my school. I capped off the day with a fun family dinner at Mission Barbecue. Real life was good to me.

The Internet was not.

Speaking of which:

I’m heartbroken. We love this place. It’s a real live brick and mortar book store with great prices and a quirky, ever-changing collection. Please go spend some money there and tell them not to close.

Here’s hoping for a less disappointing day today, HoCo.

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