Monday, February 12, 2018


Good morning, Monday. You come too soon. My bed was warm and sleep was deep and I’m just not ready for you yet.

Last night we lost power briefly at my house. It was out less than a minute. Of course the first thing I wanted to know once it was restored was whether anyone else had the same experience. Facebook was full of, “Did you lose power just now?”We pondered what might have made that happen. Columbia does have those famous underground power lines, you know.

It seemed to me that so much of life is wanting to know if others share our experience. We want to know that are not alone. Yes, we want to know why, but it almost feels more important to establish kinship first.

Last night a bunch of Columbia folks shared something all together at the same moment. It was not a crisis. More like a minor inconvenience. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if, in moments like that, we could stop and think how important our kinship as members of one community truly is?

What have you done for Columbia lately? What has Columbia done for you? Do you even think about it? Is the concept of Columbia relevant to you?

Surely Columbia has to be about more than underground power lines.

Where was I when the lights went out? Well, I guess I was in a Columbia state of mind.

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